Expedition Prep Course


Course Description:

The Expedition Prep course will help prepare you for climbing larger glaciated peaks like Denali, Rainier and Aconcagua. Each day is spent in beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. The terrain in RMNP will leave you well prepared for your next big objective. The major goal for this course is to have individuals walk away with a better understanding and more knowledge of what it takes to climb a mountain in expedition style. This is a perfect course for an individual who has Denali or another of the 7 summits on their to-do list.



Day 1: 8:00am - 4:00pm, Day 2: 8:00am - Day 4 around 4:00pm


4 days, 2 nights




Day 1: The day's focus will be on glacial travel. We can cover a variety of topics such as walking in crampons, traveling as a roped team, self arresting a fall, ascending a fixed line, and rappelling a fixed line. We can also cover ascending and descending while pulling a sled.

Day 2: Meet at our location in Estes Park and do a quick gear check. We’ll then head into the backcoutry, where we’ll set up basecamp. We discuss proper tent placements, snow shelter, as well as kitchen and bathroom setup.

Day 3: This day we’ll focus on crevasse rescue. This will include pulling someone out of a crevasse as well as getting yourself out of a crevasse.

Day 4: We will utilize all the skills learned and climb a peak as a team. The route we choose will be based on our team and weather. We’ll then head out back to the trailhead.