Course Description:

The five-day Mountaineering Development Series course is the perfect introduction to mountaineering. Don’t let the winter months keep you inside. With plenty of climbing and skills work, individuals will learn the basic of mountaineering. Start with snow travel skills – such as traveling as a roped team,  techniques for walking in crampons, using a mountaineering axe properly and self-arresting a fall. – and end the course doing a big mountaineering route in Rocky Mountain National Park. This course is a great first step towards winter ascents, glaciated peaks, and expeditions.



No experience necessary


Days 1-4: 8:00am – 4:00pm, Day 5: Roughly 6:00am - 4:00pm


5 Days with multiple participants; 4 Days with one


6:1 and 3:1


Day 1: Snow travel skills – Learn how to travel as a roped team, including belaying, techniques for efficient travel in crampons, using a mountaineering axe and self-arresting a fall.

Day 2: Climb a route – We've covered a lot of great skills on day one, now let’s put them to use. We’ll head out and climb a route that best suits the group and conditions.

Day 3: Advanced rock climbing skills or ice climbing – If ice is available, the group will learn the skills needed to climb technical ice. If ice hasn't formed, we'll focus on skills needed to climb rock and mixed routes in winter conditions.

Day 4: Navigation/route preparation – After three days of climbing and working on skills, it is time for a bit of a break (physically). Navigation is a necessary skill to have if you plan on spending any time in the mountains. We’ll work on map and compass skills and prep for our big climb the next day.

Day 5: Big mountaineering route – Time to head in and do a big mountaineering route.  We'll utilize all the skills we learned over the past 4 days.