Rock Climbing Development Series: Level 2


Course Description:

This five-day rock climbing development series course focuses on leading multi-pitch trad rock routes. By the end, students will be prepared to lead their own multi-pitch trad climbs at any climbing venue in the world. This course is packed with climbing mileage and culminates with a long multi-pitch rock route.  Common areas for this climb include Eldorado Canyon State Park, The Flatirons and Rocky Mountain National Park. If the five-day course is too long, we recommend taking some of our two day courses like the Learn to Lead Trad course.



This course covers the skills that are essential to becoming a reliable climbing partner.

Routes are not predetermined.  Our guides will make the decision during the outing based on the interests and ability levels of participants.

Potential climbing areas include Boulder Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, The Flatiron s and Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park.


Rock Climbing Development Series: Intermediate Course or lead belay experience


Days 1-4: 8:00am-4:00pm, Day 5: ~5:00am - 4:00pm


5 Days with multiple participants; 4 Days with one


6:1 and 3:1


Day 1: Learn to Lead Trad: Risk management, Placing gear and building anchors, Choosing routes, Reading guidebooks, Route-finding, Racking, Climbing signals and communication, Strategic use of quickdraws and slings

Day 2: Learn to Lead Trad (continued): Positive mental attitude, Retreating from a lead, Fixed protection, Aiding out of trouble, Mock leads and critiques

Day 3: Multi-pitch preparation and Climb: Understand how a multi-pitch system works, Lead belaying, Following traditional lead climbs, Removing gear and racking protection

Day 4: Rock Rescue:  Learn to escape the belay, ascend and descend a rope, build raising and lowering systems

Day 5: See it all come together on a long multi-pitch rock route.

Please Note: If you are the sole attendee of this course, it will be run in four days.