Max Lurie, Alpine to the Max


Our Story...

Max was born and raised along the rugged New England coastline of Maine. After spending much of his youth running around the forest barefoot with a machete in hand, building forts with the neighbors. He found climbing as a teenager with Outward Bound in Colorado. Returning to Maine, Max was eager for more and started climbing many of New England’s craggy granite cliffs.

Graduating from the University of Maine with a Bachelors Degree in Earth Science, Max focused on paleoclimatology and glaciology. His studies took him to Alaska, Iceland, and Peru. While in school Max’s passion for climbing and exploring the mountains only grew. He moved to the White Mountains of New Hampshire in 2009 where he first pursued guiding full time and honed his craft.

Longing for bigger and more glaciated mountains Max moved to the Pacific Northwest and has guided for International Mountain Guides in the Cascades since 2014, climbing on heavily glaciated volcanoes in Washington State. While Max feels at home on high altitude glaciated peaks, he has since sought out more technical rock climbing in Colorado. He now resides in Boulder Colorado and works for Colorado Mountain School in the Front Range and Rocky Mountain Park.

Max is an American Mountain Guide Association Certified Rock Guide and Assistant Alpine Guide. Max is passionate about sharing the mountains with others so that they may appreciate and respect the wilderness in which he works.

Calling Boulder home, Max still travels to the Cascades, Red Rocks, Alaska and elsewhere around the globe for mountain experiences.

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